Procurement management

Based upon recent invoices, contracts and usage profiles, Energie Makelaar analyzes your procurement situation to establish the right position on the national and international energy market.

The analysis is discussed with you and we advise on optional procurement and/or hedge strategies. A variety of procurement strategies is feasible, focused on the requirements of the customer, e.g. procurement based upon spot or forward through bilateral deals or OTC. Other options may be transparent references like EEX or Endex, either indexed or at a fixed price. Together with you, we identify risks and select the strategy to follow. Only then we enter the market to realize the optimal contract form.

Not only do we take care of your energy procurement, we also investigate if savings can be realized in cost of transport, and how we can take advantage of tax exemptions and grants. In our experience, selecting the wrong transport parameters often causes a high cost and risk level. In the end, our integral approach enables us to realize the lowest all-in cost.

Energie Makelaar monitors compliance with the contract and agreements in the field of transport, tax and billing.