Energy management and monitoring

Your energy is our passion. To achieve maximum results, we will continue to advise, support and relieve you in the optimization of your entire energy portfolio. We deliver added value across this entire spectrum. This means that we do not only deal with the purchase of energy, but also with the optimization of your energy management with a view to cost savings and (complying with mandatory regulations) CO2 reduction.

In order to set up your energy management as efficiently as possible, we go through the following recurring phases:

Energy Measurement
Energy Monitoring

Energy Measurement

By putting the right energy meters in the right place, the energy consumption of your organization can be mapped out. Through our years of experience we not only assist, guide and advise in the positioning of any energy meters behind the main connection, but also in finding the right metering service party. Because of the liberalization of the Dutch market, metering service providers distinguish themselves not only by price, but also by quality.

Energy monitoring

When we gain insight into your energy consumption through the meters, we can link a set of production variables to your consumption. This creates insight and predictability. In the first instance we achieve this at the main meter level, and if the above analysis shows that a meter behind the connection could be desirable or useful for your organization, also at deeper levels.

Energy optimization

Insight into this data not only provides a clear picture of consumption, which can be used to budget for energy costs on a monthly basis, but also forms the basis for implementing energy-saving measures. Because we tailor the energy monitoring to your wishes and needs, we provide you with specific insights that enable you to make active adjustments. In this way, you can save up to 5% in costs, and also reduce your CO2 emissions.

Your benefits

Complete transparency in your energy consumption
Organization-specific insights
Full insight into your savings potential
Full insight into your energy costs

In short, through energy management we help organizations to gain insight into their energy consumption and energy costs on the one hand, and to identify savings opportunities on the other. We offer added value across the entire energy spectrum: independent, expert and involved!


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